Pork: it's what's for Purim! (kosherpork) wrote,
Pork: it's what's for Purim!

tips on saving $ for your travel fund

1. get a high-yield savings account

2. get a credit card with miles rewards

3. Pays bills on time to avoid late charges

4. freelance or start a side hustle

5 & 6. Spend more nights in and eat out less.

7 & 13 & 26. brown bag lunch instead of take outs. Brew your own coffee. BYOB.

8. find free things to do in your city.

9. don't buy trendy clothes. invest in classics instead.

10. look for discounts & sales

11 & 12. stick to budget

14. reduce electricity & water use.

15. save a percentage of paycheck

16. buy no-frills brands. brand name things at the market costs more.

17. get rid of your car; walk, bike or take public transit instead.

18 & 19 & 25. cut subscriptions & memberships: cable, landline phone, magazines, gym.

20 & 22. Do your own manicure & choose a hairstyle that will let you get away with fewer salon visits.

21. Sell your unwanted junk.

23. use reusuable water bottle

24. play tourist in your own town

27. do your own laundry instead of paying a maid to do it.

28. survive on wifi only; cut cell phone service and rely on free wifi?

29. invest your spare change with companies like Acorns or Betterment.

30 & 31. Picture yourself on vacation & make traveling plans a piroroty.

[link to orginal article: https://www.travelalphas.com/strategies-to-build-up-your-travel-fund/]
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